Back on Track

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Well, after a nearly disastrous opening we are finally back on track. Without typing up a long story here is what happened:


Our internet provider never transferred service over like we thought and it was completely disconnected and essentially lost. Which left us scrambling and many phone calls and service calls to get it sorted out.


The other half of the problem was the computer. It completely crashed. It was exactly 3 years old to the date which was crazy. Another reason we were scrambling!


All in the midst of reopening! But we worked it all out and you may have already noticed orders are currently moving super fast here. We've been processing orders within 2-5 business days. Woohoo!


So there you have it.  


Also, please keep an eye out for our newsletter. We have many products and scents debuting for Black Friday Cyber Weekend only!


We thank you for your patience!




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