Beguiling Violette Perfume - Debaucherous Alchemy
Beguiling Violette Perfume - Debaucherous Alchemy

Beguiling Violette Perfume

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This fragrance was inspired by my love for collecting antique photos. I have over a thousand antique and vintage photographs I have been collecting over the years. Some have stories with them, some have nothing. I often wonder what stories they tell. Out of all the photos I have, I have one I truly believe to be beautifully "haunted".

One evening, while sifting through the photos, one in particular stood out to me, it was of a married Victorian couple. The woman wearing a black wedding gown with a long white veil all the way down to the floor, around her face it was adorned with flowers, while the man was sitting in a chair. Her hand laid on his shoulder, both appear to be happy in the photo. I could tell, as I have many photos of married couples that are not smiling (typical of the time as taking photographs was very time consuming) and some do not look happy at all, perhaps arranged marriages? But these two, they look to be in love. I was going to use this photo as a background prop for one of my products, so I walked out of my office to go get my camera inside my house and all of a sudden the wind was blowing and the scent of a perfume was wafting through the air. The most beautiful scent I had smelled in a long time. And it was strong like as if it was right in front of me.

I thought perhaps someone was lingering around my home so I walked around my property and nothing. But as I walked away from my office, the scent faded. As I got closer to my office, it got stronger. I'd walk into my office and the scent was not there, back out, there it was, the wind still blowing. As I walked closer to the front door of my house, again, the scent faded. So I went into my house, grabbed my husband and had him come outside with me. I asked him, do you smell anything, he said yes, a perfume.

It wasn't just me! He went back inside and I followed, back out I came with my camera in hand as the wind was still blowing this beautiful, vanilla like sweet floral scent that in all the years I have lived here, I have never smelled before. I went back into my office, decided I was going to use the photo of the couple for this scent I decided to try to recreate. I sat down and took notes of what I was smelling. As I went back outside, all of a sudden the wind had completely stopped and the scent was gone, just like that.

I have a medium friend who I have known for many years now, she told me that this was the spirits way of sending their love, perhaps I was the gentleman in the photo from a past life, who knows. But this is a photo I will forever keep and maybe one day will be blessed again to have the opportunity to smell this ever so lovely scent wafting through the air again.

My interpretation of this beautiful scent:

Tahitian vanilla, vanilla orchid, sweet violets, a drop of liquid amber and a hint of sweet musk and aged photos.



Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil.

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