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Waikiki Perfume

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She returned to the islands to visit the man she fell in love with years before. She couldn't stop thinking about him, her heart yearning for something more. As she arrived, he greeted her with the biggest smile, the warmest hug and the most passionate kiss. He took her to every island, telling her stories about each one. 

Their final destination, Waikiki is the place she fell in love with him. On the island of Oahu, it is known for its white sand beaches and tropical nightlife. He took her to the Moana Surfrider her last night there and told her the story of the hotels origins. He held her hand as they walked the beach, in the dark, the moon glistening off the water. As they walked down, he said the the words, I love you. She melted in his arms and they fell to the sand, in complete darkness they made love one last time. The moment was so passionate, she never wanted it to end. 

The next morning he dropped her off at the airport, but not without him pleading to not leave him. Her heart was broken. She had to return home. As she boarded the plane, she took her seat, and put her headphones on hoping to not think about him and all the moments they shared. When she turned her ipod on, a song came on, Paradise, and she started to cry uncontrollably. A lady that was sitting next to her asked if she was ok, her response was "have you ever fallen in love only to not know if you'll ever see them again?" The lady took her hand and said, "I have honey, don't make the same mistake I did. Never let him go."
Freshly Cracked Coconut Milk, Zesty Grapefruit, Oahu Grown Pineapples, Sweet Mangoes, Papayas, Salty Air and Sea Moss.

Coconut oil, rice bran oil and jojoba oil.


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