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Kipona Aloha Perfume

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Kipona Aloha, which means Deep Love.

When she returned to the island, she immediately went to visit him at the ranch. It was dark, her plane had been delayed. He had no idea she was coming. Her heart was racing. As she walked up the lighted pathway, she spotted him. He was with the horses, with her heart racing, she was breathing heavy. She thought she was going to pass out. As she walked closer, biting her thumb, he spotted her and all of a sudden he dropped everything he was doing, a huge smile came across his face and he hopped over the fence. She knew then that they were both in a deep love for one another. He picked her up holding her tight. His kiss so passionate. She could just melt in his arms right there. He breathed her in, telling her how beautiful she smelled.
Vanilla Bean, Exotic Lotus Flowers, Night Blooming Jasmine, Tropical Orchid, Intoxicating Amber, Ocean Breeze.

Coconut oil, rice bran oil and jojoba oil.


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