Chanteuse All Natural Perfume
Chanteuse All Natural Perfume
Chanteuse All Natural Perfume

Chanteuse All Natural Perfume

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An all natural blend of Moroccan Rose Absolute, Cocoa Absolute, Amber Resin.  A drop of Vanilla Bourbon, a tincture of Labdanum and a touch of cardamom rounds out this lovely blend.

This perfume is aged, somewhat dark, yet feminine, with a hint of sweetness to it.

Each perfume petite sample contains about .5ml of perfume oil which is about a half filled vial. This will be enough for a few applications to test the scent with your bodies chemistry. A little will go a long ways with these, as they are more highly concentrated compared to my other perfume oils that contain synthetic fragrance components rather than natural ingredients such as absolutes, CO2's, resins and essential oils that are in these natural blends.

Due to the nature of these perfumes, you may find they do not last as long as synthetic fragrances, similar to when you bring home a fresh bouquet of flowers, eventually they fade away. Because these perfumes are all natural, they too will fade and you will find yourself re-applying this lovely perfume.

Because of the cocoa absolute, you may need to warm this between your fingers before applying.


Please note, this is currently available only as a perfume petite and not the full size 5ml bottle.

Contains coconut oil, rice bran oil and jojoba oil.

This product contains essential oils, absolute, resins and/or CO2's, please do not use if pregnant or nursing.

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