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Doll Parts Perfume

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Doll eyes, doll arms, doll parts scattered about, all torn apart by an insanely jealous young woman. Her lover told her she wasn't as pretty as her dolls and never will be. Such an awful thing to say really. But in all her insanity, she decides to try and look like her doll, curling her long hair into two pigtails, applying red lipstick half-hazardly on her mouth, bright pink blush in perfect circles on her porcelain white cheeks, mascara caked on her lashes making her bright blue eyes stand out in a daze. How do you like me now she asks. He doesn't. He runs off scared.


Blood Red Cherries, Bubble Gum Pop, Strawberry Lollipops, Pomegranates, Soft Musk and Vanilla Beans.


Coconut oil, rice bran oil and jojoba oil.

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