Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland Perfume - Debaucherous Alchemy

Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland Perfume

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"Wonderland is a place of childish dreams and fanciful memories for Alice. But after failing to save her parents from a fiery death, Alice finds herself in a sanitarium, her already fragile psyche fractured. Lost in her own world, Alice delves back into Wonderland and discovers that due to her ruined state, Wonderland has become a twisted, sick, and dangerous world."



Rotting pumpkin flesh, overripe peaches, drizzled with caramel, touched with liquid black amber, hot butterscotch, wicked spices and soft hay.



Coconut Oil, Rice Bran oil, Jojoba Oil, proprietary Fragrance Blend.


 ***All perfume oils are 5ml, unless otherwise specified***

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